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L Salon apprentices are licensed cosmetologists, but at L Salon every stylist is required to participate in up to two years advanced training program.  The classes provide the stylist hands on training and experience, and gives an opportunity for you to book your color and cut appointment at an affordable price.

    Hair Cutting Classes: Thursdays (9:30am)

Haircut Class Model $25.00
*New Talent (hair cut) over one year as an apprentice, ready to graduate

Shampoo and blow dry


& up

Hair Coloring Classes: Tuesday & Wednesday (9:00am))

  Tint (class model) $40.00
  Highlights (class model) $50.00
  Tint Touch up
New Talent (one year as an Apprentice)
New Talent (one year as an apprentice)

Face Frame Highlights
New Talent (one year as an apprentice)


At L Salon & Color Group, apprentices are our new wave of talent. Continuing education is our primary focus and we strive to ensure we meet our goal of training the best of the best. Classes are four days a week, from 8:30 am to 10:30 am, where apprentices will work with the finest stylists at our salon. Education includes in-and-out of salon training, a mentoring program, team building through staff and department meetings, and extensive training sessions. Our salon boasts three full time receptionists where they are trained to ensure the finest service for both our customers and our employees. L Salon prides itself in its aggressive marketing, and its extensive magazine features. We are currently one of the most published salon in the nation, according to New York's JL Global Publications Corporation. The L Salon & Color Group website receives hundreds of hits daily making it a hot spot for potential customers looking for the best thing in the industry. L Salon believes in having strong standards and we are constantly looking to improve the quality of service for the clients. We provide complimentary cappuccinos, espressos, assorted coffees, teas and hot chocolate. Come work at a place where beauty, style, and the latest trends are all in a good day's work!

Hair Coloring
Classes Are
From 8:30 am to 10:00 am
Tuesdays and Wednesday

Hands On Classes &
Taking Clients During
Business Hours

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