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My Bio

Elizabeth’s noteworthy hair career began in 1974 with Yosh for Hair, Palo Alto California. In 1991, she bought Yosh for Hair and established L Salon and Color Group in San Mateo, California. L Salon is Elizabeth’s namesake, as the name comes from her own nickname ‘L’. With this venture, she set out to make a difference in the world of hair fashion. She takes great pride in the fact that L salon is truly a customer service-oriented business. She attributes her success to her love of hair, her commitment to the industry and her seriousness in education. Elizabeth has continued her key management role at L Salon after handing it over to Lenny in 2018.

A moment of great pride for Elizabeth was being accepted as a member in the most prestigious international hair design organization in the world, Intercoiffure America. She was chosen to represent the USA in the world congress hair show in Berlin.