Breakdown of 6 Popular Hairstyles in the Bay Area

The 1920 Bob Cut

Model: Kesarah

Stylists: Lenny Chiang

Colorist: Tanya Rodriguez

This style is based on one of our popular round graduation designs. The term “1920 Bob” refers to the shape’s origin.

The haircut shape is best to emphasize the fullness around the cheekbone and the line is usually pointed at the lips. It helps to narrow the width of the jaw and create more fullness throughout the cheekbone and gives a lift virtually to the eye and brings attention up to the face.

In the back, it gives a settled elevation that lightly lifts the crown but not over elevated the weight for the perfect balance of the lift and feminine classic chic Stylist Lenny Chiang has given some inner layers to add texture and deep point cut to modernize the look.

Tanya Rodriguez, our colorist decided to add more highlights to past the yellow tone so the result was a more cool silver tone and it become more relevant to the current trend and also help the hair more airy and texture. And with the root shadowing color on the root it completely modernizes the look and that given the depth that result from high and low effect to make the hair more natural feel.

Look 1

The model’s hair is also cut shorter and styled smooth with center-parted curtain bangs, which gives a good balance to the face. This modern texture gave the impression of being lighter without feeling heavy.

Look 2

Use a curling iron on one side of the hair to create more texture and emphasis in this lovely blonde color tone.

Look 3

A short hairstyle is created with a blowdry and side sweep bang, which features some texture and some wax. The given hair is treated with modern texture, while the color is maintained at a cool-toned blonde and shaded root to make it seem more natural and fashionable.

The Classic Firefly Cut

Model: Hunter

Stylists: Lenny Chiang

Colorist: Gina Nelson

This haircut was inspired by one of our classic shape firefly. The beauty of firefly shape is to accentuate the perfect head shape throughout the crown and tapered into the nape and elongated the beautiful neck and with a feminine head shape. The length around the face is usually above ears so it helps open up the face and accentuate cheek bone.

This style, on the other hand, was blended with an undercut to produce a more modern appearance. Gina, our colorist, added a burst of color from underneath so that you have a money piece/pop of color around the face. The choice of hue was influenced by her skin tone, which gave it more warmth. She added some color by using warmer brown and a pop of color around the bang to balance each other.

Look 1

This hairstyle was made by using a flat iron to give it a wave to the bang and flow to the side, resulting in an undone feel that makes it more fun and casual.

Look 2

With a small curling iron, create waves on the left side of your hair and some wax to the right for a slick appearance.

look 3

Giving a good blowdry with volume and balance, as well as changing the bang to give it a more natural and voluminous appearance.

Long Hair Boho Style

Model: Hannah

Stylists: Wendy Gardner

Colorist: Courtney

Wendy, our creative designer, designed the pattern. The cut was taken from one of our classic square line face-framing shapes with a round line face to open up the face.

The colorist, Courtney, added a block of color around the face to accentuate the face frame haircut. Thus, color and cut come together flawlessly in this masterpiece. With the addition of warmer highlights to open up the face with the rest of the color scheme, it was decided that a more orange hue would be used.

Look 1

To produce soft curls, apply a 1/2″ curling iron to the hair. Because of the curl, it aids in adding more depth to the hair.

Look 2

Wendy used various braiding methods to create a variety of textures on this replica. It has an almost bohemian and Bay Area boho vibe about it.

Look 3

Create softer wave-like beach hair with the help of waving techniques.

Long Hair Style

Model: Justine

Stylists: Lenny Chiang

Colorist: Leslie SCHNEIDER

Shag hair was the inspiration for the style, which was created by cutting layers and adding a curtain bang. It’s one of our most classic haircuts.

The color scheme was chosen by our creative designer Leslie, who added a copper highlight and deepened the tone all over, making it ideal for the fall season of 2022.

Look 1

The characteristic is once again inspired by 1990s fashion, which involves curling iron and rolling the model’s face away from the face to open it up and give it a glammed-up appearance.

Look 2

Style the look to show this nice blowdry with this rich colorwave style 

Look 3

A-Line Shape Cut

Model: Victoria

Stylists: Ozzy Habibi

Colorist: Maria Bandlow

This is a classic A line with a little of graduation and point cutting to the hair, which adds hair texture. Our senior colorist maria came up with the hue. This approach employed block color techniques and was placed beneath from the top coats. This creates a peek-a-boo appearance.

Look 1

Side part with waving tool to create this gorgeous and chic classic look. 

Look 2

The simple style of this classic form is all about texture. It’s really easy to do with waving tools. This 1:9 section, which has an asymmetric feel, adds to the fun and sophistication. The ear ring is also visible in this photo.

Look 3

The dark to light transition of the Bob line and color blend wonderfully, showing off the A-Line’s smooth appearance. Models’ beautiful features are emphasized by block colors around the face.

Effortless Shaggy Cut

Model: Annalizay

Stylists: Lenny Chiang

Colorist: Katie Lee

This look has been growing in popularity for the past two years. For the previous five years, we’ve seen a lot of texture hair, but it’s all one length and doesn’t have any layers. Finally, this modern Shag was created to help enhance the natural beauty of the hair while also adding more fun to the style with all of the layers.

Everyone’s face is framed by this contemporary Shag, and the mullet form might be quite attractive and adaptable to wear. Lenny was utilizing a razor to this modern shag, which added texture to the hair and awakened the model’s existing hair texture.

The most important thing to note about this haircut is that it should be done in a carefree manner. The major attitude of this hair is simplicity. Katie, the master colorist, added some blue throughout the tip of the hair and chose a hue that was very complementary to the model’s natural hair color but gave it a modern edge and life to this contemporary shag. The random pick for the placement was great because it allowed for both cutting and coloring with caramelization occurring between them as well.

Look 1

We selected the shaggy style because we felt it would be more popular among customers who have this hair texture. We wanted to offer a smooth appearance so that those with this hair texture could also appreciate it. This smooth look still has a light and airy feel, but it’s more textured and patchy at the end. The color becomes less intense, but it does have a subtle sheen to it. It’s fashionable without being overwhelming.

Look 2

This is definitely one of my favorite hair textures to work with. Katie’s provided was just given the lightest touch of color, displaying natural texture from the razor cut. Some curl gel cream from Kerastase and a diffuser are all you need. The appearance of an organic and effortless style.