Covid-19 Safety Tips – How to be safe when visiting hair salons

Covid-19 Safety Tips – How to be safe when visiting hair salons

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the world around us. We feel unsafe in public places and social events. Many of us are working from home instead of the office. People are also unable to meet their fashion and beauty needs. The spread of the virus has also adversely affected hair salons in San Mateo.

As the economy reopens, hair salons will also begin to resume and this article will provide safety tips about COVID-19 and hair salons. 

If you take precautions and follow public health advice, you can stay protected while visiting hair salons. Doing so will allow you to look in tip top shape. But you’ll also be able to support the local economy as hair salons have been struggling since the COVID-19 began spreading. 

Why Are Safety Tips Important?

Since the economic shut down in March, we have all been waiting for haircuts, facials, manicures, or pedicures. However, given COVID-19 can spread easily when individuals are in close proximity, it’s critical when visiting hair salons to follow safety procedures so yourself, the staff, and your community at large are protected from the unnecessary contraction and spread of the virus. 

Covid-19 Safety Tips – How to be safe when visiting hair salons

There are many things you can do to keep safe when visiting salons and parlors.

  • Schedule an appointment

Booking appointments is vital because you can avoid waiting time at the salon and limit exposure to people. Many salons, as a matter of policy, are only letting in customers with appointments as this helps control the number of people in the salon. By booking a slot for your visit, you can ease the burden on salons. You can also avoid coming into contact with too many people.

  • Wear a mask

The most common health advice to follow right now is to wear a mask in public or when social distancing is impossible. It’s not possible to keep a distance from salon staff when getting a haircut or a pedicure. Wear a mask because you’ll be indoors where COVID-19 can easily spread. Remember to ask the salon staff to wear a mask and maintain distance if they are not doing so already.

  • Avoiding touching surfaces

It’s possible to contract COVID-19 by touching a contaminated surface when out in public or visiting a salon. But one can reduce the risk of COVID-19 by avoiding touching surfaces and shaking hands. Please don’ touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Additionally, ask the staff to wash their hands when cutting your hair or providing a facial. It’ll also help if you regularly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer while at the salon. 

  • Make sure the that the equipment is sanitized 

Most procedures in salons require contact between your skin and equipment. The equipment, such as scissors or combs, have also touched other surfaces and customers. Therefore, you should ask the staff to sanitize and clean equipment before use.

  • Check the Salon’s safety mechanisms  

There’s a lot that salons can do to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Inquire into the salon’s health and safety mechanisms when booking an appointment and what they’re doing to keep customers and employees safe. Some salons have specific rules in place to maintain a safe distance between patrons, others have introduced specific technology to help with additional cleaning and routine sanitization. Ensuring the salon is concerned about health and safety is vital to know about COVID-19 and salons.

  • Don’t spend unnecessary time at the salon

Finally, you should only go to salons if it’s essential. If you need a facial and a haircut, try to go for one thing at a time. You can also reduce risk by opting for procedures that take less time or close contact. And pick times throughout the day to visit when it may be less busy. 


Many people are now beginning to visit salons as the economy reopens. Long overdue haircuts, pedicures and manicures. We’re here to make you look great and hope these tips come in handy when visiting a salon in San Mateo. Stay safe and healthy!