Thinking Of Cutting Your Hair? Here is How to Find a Stylist in the Bay Area

Finding the right hairstylist for you and your lifestyle

To find a good hairdresser in the Bay Area, it is always best to ask around. Friends or family members who live locally will be able to give recommendations on where they get their hair done. If friends and family do not have any suggestions, consider asking co-workers as well as other people that run in similar circles such as classmates from school or community groups like religious organizations. It can also help if one knows exactly what kind of haircut they want because then the search becomes easier; however, those searching without specific requests should still expect at least an hour’s worth of research time before finding someone competent enough with whom to work. Here are several things you should consider before finding the right hairstylist to give you that new look!

Look at Their Work and Portfolio

Before finding a hairstylist, check out their work online or on Instagram. Make sure that they do quality haircuts and not just trendy ones! This will also ensure that they know what styles fit best with your face shape and features. Also make sure to find someone who has experience cutting other types of hair such as curly or thick so this is something they have done many times before! You want them to feel confident while cutting yours too!!

Ask Them About Their Favorite Style to Cut

Asking the stylist about their favorite style to cut is one of the most important questions when finding a hairstylist! This will tell you what kind of style they like and how long it has been since they have done something different. They should always be excited to do something new and cutting your hair in a funky, fun, or trendy way can make them feel even better!!

Ask About Their Experience

Another really great question to ask while finding a hairstylist is if they are familiar with other styles such as bobs or pixies because these would not be things that were covered during school. The more styles someone knows, the better because this means you’ll get an all-inclusive haircut from them no matter what type of look you’re going for.

Find Out Their Availability

When finding a hairstylist, asking if they are available on the desired day you want to get your hair done should always be one of the last questions. This way, finding out that someone isn’t available won’t make or break your decision because finding top notch stylists is difficult and there are no guarantees! When it comes down to it, just remember that finding a great hairstylist takes time but once you do find them, your search will have been well worth it.

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