Hair Apprenticeship at a Local Hair Salon – San Mateo California

Hairstylist learning how to cut hair

Are you looking for an apprenticeship that will help you learn the skills you need to become a great hair stylist or colorist? Our apprenticeship program is designed to not only teach the technical skills of doing hair but also how to grow and be successful in the industry.

As a teaching salon, we put a lot of time and heart into training our apprentices to be the best. Every day there is an opportunity to learn. Here’s what we look for in our candidates.

Our Ideal Future Apprentice

No Experience Required

An ideal apprentice does not need any previous salon experience. They must be confident they are able to maintain L Salon’s high standards when interacting with guests. Their personality will ideally reflect our company’s brand showing passion, creativity, motivation, and eagerness to learn. Their sense of fashion is trendy but always classy to not only look the part but to represent L Salon’s image.

L Salon’s apprenticeship program is structured to not just teach the technical skills of doing hair and color but how to grow as a stylist/colorist.

Learn at Your Own Pace

There is no timeline for how long our program is. We believe that each person learns at different speeds and in different ways. It could take 1-2 years.

Learn on the Job with Real Clients

During your apprenticeship program, you will have the opportunity to become a New Talent. This step will allow you to open your books and take clients on a regular basis while still being able to ask for help when needed.

As a specialty salon, our apprenticeship program allows you to choose what you want to specialize most in, haircutting or hair coloring, although you have the option to do both.

Plenty of Education

The program consists of 4 days a week of classes taught by master stylists. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are hair coloring classes and Thursdays and Fridays are cut classes. We also hold extensive fundamental/technique training and outside classes with our brand partners to give you the best education possible.

Customer Service

We also prioritize customer service at L Salon. We guide our apprentices in providing guests with a luxurious experience at each visit. Along with the education, you will also assist our stylists with daily duties such as shampooing, applying toners, sweeping, and more.

While our main focus is education, you will also be assisting our stylists on a daily basis. These duties include but are not limited to shampooing clients, applying toners, sweeping, and overall assisting the salon as a whole to run an efficient day.

Apply for Hair Apprenticeship

If you’re looking for a comprehensive apprenticeship program to help you become the best hair stylist possible, apply now and check out our program!