Hair Salons During the Pandemic

Many businesses have had to pivot and adjust during the pandemic, and hair salons are no exception. Some hair salons have had to adjust to the fact that state mandates have changed repeatedly, and others focused on serving customers outdoors. Of course, this kind of pivot leads to new issues and concerns, such as figuring out how to adjust to wind or heat factors.

There are many different ways that hair salons have adjusted in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We understand that these are difficult times for both business owners and customers and are doing everything we can to ensure that our clients are satisfied. Here is some information regarding how L Salon has been able to deal with the situation between hair salon and pandemic.

Mandatory Masks

L Salon is requiring that masks be worn at all times, and there are no exceptions. Due to limited supply, L Salon asks that clients bring their own masks to the appointment. L Salon will have several masks available for clients that happen not to have one, but again, these supplies are limited and customers without masks will not be able to complete their appointment.

Calling Customers In

You may be wondering about capacity issues with our hair salon and pandemic, and the truth is that we are at limited capacity. As a result, salon coordinators ask customers to wait in their car in the parking lot. Coordinators will call customers to come into the salon when it is safe to go inside, and L Salon kindly asks that customers do not bring in family, friends, or pets for their appointment.

L Salon would also like to emphasize that customers should not bring any additional belongings into the hair salon. The hair salon and pandemic issue is very serious, and bringing certain belongings in, even if it is a shopping bag, poses a risk to others. 


We understand that customers may be concerned about hair salon and pandemic because they want to know what steps are being taken regarding sanitization. Every shampoo bowl and station in L Salon is thoroughly sanitized between clients. In addition, we also commit to sanitizing high-traffic areas every hour, and this includes certain chair arms, table surfaces, doorknobs, and otherwise.

L Salon is proud to say that we have installed plexiglass to protect customers and staff during the check-out process. While we do accept cash and checks for tipping, we ask that customers consider tipping through apps such as Venmo or PayPal whenever possible to limit the spread of germs. 


We understand that there are many clients and customers concerned about their local hair salon and pandemic. We wanted to assure you that L Salon was taking all of the appropriate steps to ensure that our customers and staff remain as safe as possible.

L Salon is also not providing some services at this time such as facials, waxing, or makeup. The blow dryer room and self-blowing is also not available given the regulations regarding hair salon and pandemic. L Salon is making every effort to follow state regulations, and we thank our customers and staff for understanding!