Hair Terminology and Definition

Hair Terminology and Definition

We’ve observed that many women visiting us are usually unaware of the key terms associated with hair maintenance and grooming. It’s not unusual to get confused looks when we use technical hair and coloring related terms when explaining things or asking questions.

Lack of knowledge on hair terminology causes a hindrance in communication and sometimes wastes a lot of time. This is why we’ve decided to list down a hair glossary describing all the basic terms one needs to know. 

Listed below are terms that will help you understand the language of hair technicians and allow you to make better and quicker hair choices on the spot.  

Virgin Hair – Virgin hair refers to the hair that has never been treated with chemicals or coloring. Virgin hair has never been dyed, permed, or hard-washed. Your colorist may ask if you have virgin hair because sometimes such hair is treated differently. 

Hair Dusting – Hair dusting means trimming the hair very delicately and carefully. Such a trim does minimum damage to your hair’s length while slightly cutting your damaged ends. 

Texturize – Texturizing is a haircutting method for blunt and immovable hair. It refers to cutting hair in a manner that it has different lengths. This allows your hair to move more and feel alive.

Base Color – This is a basic color applied in the first step of hair coloring treatments. Depending upon the specific coloring you want, your stylist may apply a base color only to your roots or all over your hair. After this color, other colors and products are used to achieve the final look.

Coverage – Coverage refers to a colors ability to cover grey hair. Hair color with high coverage will effectively color all your grey and white hair. However, if hair color is very transparent, it will have low coverage and won’t cover your grey hair.

Contrast – If you go for a highlights treatment, you might hear this term a lot. Contrast refers to the kind of highlights that can be given to your hair. High contrast highlights involve coloring the hair strands a very light shade compared to your current hair color. This makes them appear dramatically elaborate as compared to the surrounding hair. Low contrast highlights are subtle, done using a color that is only a little lighter than your natural hair color. Such highlights look more natural and give you a less dramatic look. 

Balayage – This is a French hair coloring technique. The colorist paints and sweeps the color across your hair tresses. This gives them a natural, contrastive look compared to even coloring, where color is applied all over your hair, giving it a one-dimensional look.

Single Process – A single process refers to any color service to your hair that is completed in just one step.

Dimensions – Dimensions define the tonal contrast in your hair color. If all your hair is in a single shade, there’s no dimension in them. On the other hand, a mixture of lowlights and highlights adds dimension to your hair, making them look more stylish.

Brazilian Blowout,  Express Blowout, Coppola,  Pura Luxe treatment – These are the different types of Keratin treatment to help reduce frizz in the hair and reduce the curl and reduce the density to your hair. To provide a smoothing result and make the hair easy to take care of after the treatment. The treatment usually lasts between 4 weeks to 6 months depending on what brand of treatment you are having. 

Tint Touch Up(Color services) – Usually for those who just want to touch up exist color about 1/2” to 1” from the outgrowth of hair. 

All over color – This is a root touch up usually use for covering of grey hair or to lift your base color within 3 levels from your original color. This helps refresh your hair-ends with our color toner typically requiring two formulations on your roots and your hair from mid-shaft to the hair ends) 

Bleach Out Service – We use our lightener (bleach) to lift your root color to the desired level. This usually requires more time in the chair to allow the color to proces depending on your desire color level.  Your color lift will be up to 4 levels of your original color. In some cases, we need to do more than one attempt to deliver your desire result. 

Base Adjustment – Meaning when you want to shift your base by half shade or 1 level shade lighter.  With our new technology, this process can be quick as an on-and-off application to deliver a soft lift to your hair color.

Cleanse – We usually use this service to remove any unwanted tone or color from your hair and with the most gentle product to minimize the complication to your hair.

Faceframe Highlight – This is clients who want to have highlighted only around the face or so-called “money piece”  to bring brightness to around your face. It can also be for people who wants to try a subtle hint of highlight without going overboard.

Custom Highlight – This amount of highlight will cover around the face and above the crown of your head.

Full Highlight – This highlight will include custom highlight and below the crown. Usually, this will be ideal for people who looking for all over highlighted hair. 

Glaze – Toner, this is the service to enhance your tone of color or neutralize the tone of your hair color by only depositing to toner to your hair. Usually, last about 30 washes and you will need to do it again when color faded it.

B3 treatment(Hair treatment) – It’s a solution to add to your highlight or bleach out service that would protect hair during the lighting services. 

Kerastase Fusio Scrub – This is a perfect service for people who have any scalp issue or build up from the hair. This will exfoliate any build-up from scalp to hair. Once you remove all the build-up, you would feel your scalp is clean and hair has more shine and bounce. We recommend doing it once a month in-salon or we have take-home products to do it once a week. 

Tigi SOS treatment – This is in salon protein base treatment that will reconstruct your hair to the virgin state of your hair 

Treatment combo – This combines two treatments from the inside and out. Treatment for internal and external to your hair when getting any highlight or bleach out service done. For bleach out, usually will also bleach the hair from root to the end

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