Kerastase’s Next Level Hair Diagnosis Tool Is Now At L Salon


Kerastase – the leaders of innovation in the hair industry

Since Kerastase entered the hair industry at its very beginning, the company have always adopted a forward thinking approach to hair. As they have become renowned for being at the forefront of innovation, they have always delivered revolutionary products each individually designed to treat diverse hair types and issues. In recent years, their Fusio Dose treatments went as far as providing the luxury behind customizing each and every treatment to perfectly suit an individual.

In 2019, Kerastase haven’t stopped there. The future of hair diagnosis has arrived at our very own L Salon. While yes, speaking directly with your hair stylist remains the best way to discover what your hair needs – they are the experts after all; the hair diagnosis tool is now yours and your stylist’s little assistant, to make that process a bit more efficient.

Kerastase’s Exclusive Hair Diagnosis Tool

Your stylist at L Salon can now sit down with you during your appointment to fill out a short series of questions together. Afterwards, the app will pinpoint the perfect regimen your hair is craving. The survey will include questions as simple as providing the length of your hair, to more complex ones like the elasticity of your hair. Don’t fret, that is for our knowledgeable stylists to answer on your behalf.

Once you have input the answers for the app to gather the state of your hair, you can then tell it a bit about your hair goals. This could include ‘I want longer hair’ or ‘I want more defined curls’. The hair diagnostic tool – AKA the Kerascope will then analyze your locks at up to 600xmagnification. This invaluable insight has become a game changer in properly diagnosing hair!

After you have completed the diagnosis process, Kerastase will deliver a bespoke hair profile which will detail exactly what products and regimen your hair needs to achieve your hair goals.

A Team Effort With Your Stylist

Now that you have your detailed report, your L Salon stylist will discuss with you what your appointment will involve. Since your stylist now has a detailed profile of your hair, they will be able to tailor a Fusio Dose Treatment in accordance to your diagnosed results. This Kerastase treatment is particularly effective due to its 20 different combinations, allowing your stylist to address your hair issues with a customized service.

Caring For Your Hair At Home

You won’t be leaving the benefits of Kerastase’s latest innovation at home. Your hair profile will include an at-home program section that includes recommendations for your home hair care routine, keeping in mind your hair dreams!

L Salon stock the entire Kerastase range, meaning your stylist can get you on track to obtaining those hair goals, and you can continue that journey from home. Simply follow the recommendations the hair diagnosis tool provides. The effortless but effective way to achieving your ultimate hair goals.