Why You Should Only Use Salon Quality Hair Products


Why You Should Only Use Salon Quality Hair Products

In 2019 the saying ‘You are what you eat’ falls out of the mouths of everyone around us. As we have become increasingly conscious about what we are consuming, why do we fall short when it comes to our hair?

The rivalry between salon and drugstore products has been debated since the birth of our industry. Though many people still simply see the difference in price, rather than the negative impact drugstore products have on their hair.

Here are two key reasons why you should not use drugstore quality products on your hair.

Damaging Ingredients               

Just like a trip to the grocery store involves checking the ingredients of the items we intend on cooking with, you should be checking the label of your hair products also. You will find the difference between drugstore and salon quality products no longer differs in just price.

The difference in each product will be in the levels of alcohol, sulfate, silicone and water. Ingredients like silicone are added to increase the shininess of your hair. However, silicone strips the natural healthy oils that protect your hair and scalp. This will imbalance your skin leading to damaged, dry and brittle hair.

Watered Down Products

Some drugstore bought products may contain some of the ingredients that make salon products so effective. However, they are often watered down. While these shampoos market themselves as containing the right ingredients, they only do in small amounts. Meaning you have to use more and will go through bottles twice as fast as those of a salon quality.

You won’t find fillers in salon products and can expect them to be highly concentrated with high quality ingredients. These include oils, vitamins and minerals that are actually nourishing for your hair. Because of their high concentration of the right ingredients, you won’t need to use much, and in turn will get more bang for your buck.

All in all, it is oh so easy to crumble and go for that gorgeous smelling coconut or shea butter shampoo and matching conditioner. The price tag, gigantic bottle and divine smell are too easy to fall for – we’ve all been there. But we have lived through and learned about the effects these low-quality products have on our precious hair. Are you really saving money in the long run, and is your hair truly luscious and hydrated, or is it simply the damaging ingredients in disguise?