The Evolution of Short Hairstyles: Choosing the Right Cut

The short haircut has been around for a long time and it’s still here today. It’s one of the most popular hairstyles among women, with many different styles to choose from. There are so many options because short hair can be styled in such diverse ways: curly, wavy, straight or bouffant. Choosing which style is best for you can depend on your lifestyle and personality traits as well as your face shape and features. If you’re not sure what cut will work best for you, use this guide to help find out!

Short Haircuts Women Can Get

There are many different styles of short haircuts you can choose from. The most popular cuts include the crew, pixie, and bob cut. Each style has its own advantages depending on your face shape so it’s important to know what works best for you!

Crew Cut – this is one of the oldest hairstyles worn by humans due to lack of hair styling tools in ancient times. It was common among men who wanted a low-maintenance haircut that required little effort but looked clean and nice at all times. Nowadays, women wear their hair with a similar look which is why it’s still very trendy today!

The main advantage to having a crew cut is that it doesn’t take much time or money ( a few dollars for a hair salon). It’s also not messy to style since it doesn’t take much effort.

Pixie Cut – celebrities like Rihanna and Emma Watson have popularized this hairstyle in recent years which is why the pixie cut has become very trendy among young women today! The main advantage of having short, spiky hair is that you don’t need to spend time on styling your haircut every morning because it always looks nice with little effort involved. Plus, you get an edgy look without even trying so what could be better than that?

Bob Cut – another one of the most common haircuts worn by modern-day ladies is the bob cut which was originally invented by Vidal Sassoon back in 1962. This particular hairstyle is a timeless classic and it is loved by celebrities such as Emma Stone and Kate Middleton.

The bob cut consists of short hair that ends right around the jawline area, but there are also some variations to this haircut which include a long bob or lob (long bob) that reaches just above the shoulders or even shoulder-length hair with choppy layers throughout. The latter version was made popular by Rihanna who wore her hair in this style for quite some time back during 2011-2013.

Going to a Hair Salon Professional

You should go to a hair salon if you want to get your next short hairstyle done professionally because getting haircuts can be pretty difficult at times so having someone experienced do it makes all the difference! Our salon can help you pick the style, just book a consultation and our stylist will help you find the perfect look.