The Future of Hair Salons

Many sectors and industries have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, so owning a hair salon in 2021 will certainly be interesting. The travel and tourism industry has been devastated, but meanwhile there are platforms and companies that are able to succeed thanks to people staying home and working remotely.

There is no doubt that a hair salon in 2021 will generate much more revenue than a hair salon in 2020. Still, it also depends on the coronavirus vaccine rollouts and whether the pandemic completely subsides. Let’s examine some relevant factors when it comes to owning, running, or managing a hair salon in 2021. 

Safety First

While we might be out of the year 2020, a hair salon in 2021 still has to put safety first. There’s a good chance that an experience in a hair salon in 2021 might be different from years or decades before. It is also likely that you will be expected to go through a hand-sanitizing station before your appointment. You can expect all employees to wear personal protective equipment, or PPE, as well.

There may even be a chance that an employee will take your temperature before you even enter the hair salon in 2021. You will likely have to wear a mask, and all employees will also likely wear masks, as well. The salon and the number of people allowed inside of a hair salon in 2021 will, of course, depend on local laws and regulations.

It’s important to recognize that a hair salon in 2021 can face all sorts of consequences if they do not take safety protocol seriously. It may not even involve fines – there are situations where those involved in the hair salon business could even face potential jail sentences. As a result, hair salon owners or managers should not take any chances with the safety of their clientele or themselves.

The Social Aspect of Hair Salons

For many people, salons are about more than just a place to go every so often. The salon is also a place to congregate, catch up with friends, introduce yourself to neighbors, and hear the latest gossip. You can expect a hair salon in 2021 to be much quieter as long as there are social distancing guidelines in place. The concept of hanging out in a hair salon in 2021 for hours to have conversations may not be possible at all.

Masks may also affect the free flow of conversation, so it you may simply be accompanied by whatever music they choose to play at a hair salon in 2021. 

Emphasizing Retail

One of the most important trends regarding a hair salon in 2021 is the retail part of the business, which will certainly receive much more focus. A hair salon in 2021 will have to rely on more appointments, and retail products allow hair salons to generate more revenue than ever before. A hair salon in 2021 should do everything they can to strengthen their relationships with vendors. The hair salon employees should do everything they can to recommend the right products that can help customers achieve the goals they desire.

Even though they might not be going out as much in terms of nightlife, professionals still want to look their best for both personal and professional reasons. In that respect, the demand for a hair salon in 2021 hasn’t gone anywhere. A hair salon in 2021 should offer competitive deals to ensure that customers maintain their skin, hair, and confidence.

More Convenience

A hair salon in 2021 may want to consider offering curbside service. This could prove extremely convenient for consumers who may want to stop by their hair salon rather than ordering products online, and it also allows them to support local businesses. A hair salon in 2021 should also make sure that they are setting up an online store of some kind to maximize accessibility for their clients. 

One of the smartest things that a hair salon in 2021 can do is take advantage of social media. Make sure that your customers know that they will be rewarded in some way if they leave a positive review, refer a new customer, or spread the word about the business and its products or services. A customer loyalty program might also be the competitive edge to keep customers loyal and away from another hair salon in 2021.

Remaining Flexible

There’s one guarantee for a hair salon in 2021: it will require flexibility. Many hair salon owners will have to deal with different government mandates that may change fairly frequently. The capacity allowed in a hair salon may increase when cases drop, but there is no way to tell exactly how and when this will happen. There may be some tough conversations among hair salon owners and managers during this time.

One of the best ways for a hair salon in 2021 to remain flexible is to offer outdoor services if possible. While it might be difficult to make customers comfortable outside of a hair salon in 2021, it is possible if the hair salon is willing to make adjustments. Of course, other things could affect outside services – such as rain or wind – and these will be new concerns that have to be considered as well.

Some entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the situation by putting up shades, offering analog outdoor services, and using extension cords to provide a more robust service menu outside.


There’s no way to tell the future, so the future of the hair salon in 2021 is unclear. Even though fewer people are commuting to work, the truth is that professionals still want to look good. There are still millions of professionals that want to look their best for a Zoom meeting or a video chat date.

A hair salon in 2021 will have to remain innovative and may want to consider diversifying its products to appeal to new demographics. It’s also critical for a hair salon in 2021 to take safety seriously, and make procedures and steps clear to customers.