2019 Trending Hair: The In Styles, Textures And Colors


With a new season comes new trending hair to add to our salon lookbook

This year has worn its trending hair well with a personality that flirts with enhancing your natural hair texture, while embracing simplicity.
At L Salon, our stylists came together to envision their take on current styles, textures and colors. Above all, the finished hair looks for 2019 will be enhancing your natural hair texture. We’re going to see undone looks embracing simplicity. Hair is going to be more air dried, rather than heat styled. Loose waves and a lot of texture will be prominent this year.

Here is all you will desire in Hair for 2019:

Cuts with body and movement

In 2019, we’re waving adieu to 2018’s lob with the debut of chin length bobs with a lot of hair movement, and long hair with tousled layers. To achieve body and movement is to create space in the haircut by using the slide cutting technique.

Texture Texture Texture

The styles that are flooding pages this season have been achieved with a ton of texture. From loose brushed out curls, to tousled beach waves.

How to create this texture if you have naturally straight hair

There are a few options for ways to achieve these desired looks.

Option 1 – The permanent wave for naturally straight hair

A great benefit to the permanent wave is how low maintenance it is. You will be able to achieve beachy waves without having to heat style your hair.

Option 2 – Applying heat

You can get loose undone waves with a curling wand, curling iron, or straightener. With the curling wand and curling iron wrap one-inch sections, alternating toward the face and away. Make sure to leave your ends out of the wand/ curling iron and hold for only a few seconds for a looser effect.

Leave the curls alone until they are completely cooled off. Tip your head upside down and apply a texturing spray directly to your roots for a messy bed head look, or serum to smooth the texture out.

Color Shades

  • Cool tone blondes
  • Multi-dimensional brown tones
  • Shadowed roots

To create these colors

Since people are looking for more natural lived in looks, the best method to achieve low maintenance color is to balayage the hair. Balayage is painted on which creates a softer outgrowth and a sun kissed look.

The difference between mediocre style and great style

The foundation for a great hairstyle begins with the correct hair products. A great style is one that looks effortless yet turns heads all at once.

5 Celebrities that influence hair fashion

  1. Khloe Kardashian
    Khloe belongs at the top of our list as one of the most influential celebrities in hair fashion. She is constantly trying new looks that are glamorous yet can be worn by anyone anytime.
  2. Demi Lavato
    Another celebrity who is constantly changing her look from short to long, or blonde to dark.  She can pull off any hairstyle and she’s constantly keeping us on our toes!
  3. Julianne Hough
    Julianne colored her blonde hair a fierce red. She can truly pull of any cut and color with such grace and has influenced many of our clients from cuts to colors.
  4. Gigi Hadid
    The fashion icon’s hair always looks so effortless, yet beautiful, which women aspire to have. She carries herself with such class and elegance, a deserving mention as one of our top hair inspirations.
  5. Selena Gomez
    Selena is always mixing it up whether it be with loose waves, straight and sleeks, or pops of color. Her hair goes from glamorous to casual while still looking amazing.