Unlock Your Imagination with Vivid, Fantasy Fashion Hair Colors

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At L Salon and Color Group, we are passionate about helping our clients make a bold statement with vivid color fashion and fantasy color. We use semi-permanent dyes that sit on top of the hair shaft, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting color.

Keep in mind that the more you wash your hair, the quicker the vivid color will fade. We suggest having darker colored towels, sheets, and pillowcases to avoid the color from bleeding. With us, you can showcase your unique style with the perfect vivid color.


Are you looking for vivid color, fashion color or fantasy color? Look no further than L Salon and Color Group in San Mateo! We specialize in colors that will last you. Our experts know that deeper jewel tones last longer than pastel and opalescent tones, and warmer tones like magenta and purple last longer than blues and greens.

  • To ensure that vibrant color lasts, we recommend
  • washing your hair with cold water,
  • washing 1x-2x a week max, incorporating a dry shampoo, using a vivid deposit shampoo/conditioner,
  • maintaining with sulfate free, color safe products, and
  • using a thermal protectant when using hot tools.

We understand that Vivid hair color is not one size fits all. That’s why we always recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced stylists before committing to any color transformation.

Our consultations provide an accurate estimate of pricing and ensure that the color you have in mind will look exactly the way you imagined. Whether it’s Vivid, Fashion, or Fantasy colors, we can help you achieve your dream hair with our expert stylists and high-quality products.