*Hair cut includes a full consultation, shampoo & blow dry
Class Model Cut $30
New Talent $55
Designers $70
Artistic Designer $80
Creative Designer $90
Senior Designer $95
Creative Director $148
Shampoo and Blow Dry and Curl $65 & UP
Shampoo and Blow Dry $48 & UP
New Talent Shampoo and Blow Dry $35


*Color services do not include blow dry. Separate appointment required
Class Model

New Talent
First Time Tint $45 $55 $83 $88 $93 $98
Tint Touchup $45 $55 $71 $78 $83 $88
Color Glaze $50&UP $50&UP $50&UP $50&UP $50&UP $50&UP
Face Frame $55 $87 $108 $118 $128 $138
Custom Highlight $65 $110 $158 $168 $188 $208
Full Highlight $75 & UP $130 & UP $198 & UP $208 & UP $228 & UP $248 & UP
Color Correction As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted
Bleach Touchup ** As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted As Quoted
Color Remover $53 & UP Per Application $53 & UP Per Application $53 & UP Per Application $53 & UP Per Application $53 & UP Per Application $53 & UP Per Application

perm waving & smoothing systems

Perm: Volume & Support  
Full Head $175.00 & up
Partial Perm $ 95.00 & up
Keratin Smoothing Systems: Express Blowout  
Full head $195
Half Head $100
Bangs $50
Keratin Smoothing Systems: Brazilian Blowout  
Full head $350
Half Head $195
Keratin Smoothing Systems: Coppola Keratin Complex  
Full head $350
Half Head $195

hair extensions

We offer a variety of extension techniques from Hotheads, tapes

Hotheads System:  
First application As Quoted
Touch up As Quoted

Lash Lift

Lash Lift & Tints combo $120 & Up

Skin Care

makeup service

Makeup service $100 & UP


more info
Arm $40
Under Arm $30
Brow* $22
Brow Tweeze $25
Chin $20
Lip $17
  • *L Salon Brow Wax Includes: Consultation / Brow Analysis, Skin Preparation, Waxing and or Tweezing, Trimming and Calming Crème
  • **Waxing is contraindicated for users for certain antibiotics, and vitamin A derivatives such as Retin A, Differin, Renova, Acutance, as well as certain cancer treatments. Please notify your aesthetician if you are taking any medications.

Gift certificate

Treat that special someone to a L salon & color group gift certificate. Your loved one can enjoy our service of hair, make-up, skincare and other offerings.

To purchase a gift certificate, please call us at 650-342-6668 or visit the front desk during your next visit.


I have been a long time client at L Salon & Color Group. I always feel so pampered and special every time I come in! My colorist Veggy & stylist Patty always make sure I leave feeling and looking beautiful!

Rhonda Kreitem

L Salon is very hip and and the stylists are all very current under the wing of owner Elizabeth Stenstrom. The salon is decorated very cool and rivals top salons in SF, LA and NY! The individual time, talent and attention each stylist gives to their client is evident in the finished product and happy customer!

Elizabeth has been cutting my hair for almost 20 yrs...We first met when I was a model for I Magnin Co. and she did the model's hair for a special event. I was so impressed with her forward thinking hairstyles that I have been going to her ever since! Women frequently stop me on the street and ask where I get my hair cut :)

Judi H.

I have been a customer of L Salon and Color Group for 25 years. I have been Elizabeth's customer back when it was called Yosh for hair. L Salon is run like a well-oiled machine. The front desk staff is so cordial, especially the young guy at the front desk who wears great hats. The salon is neat and modern in decor. There are two choices for smocks to put on. The pewter-colored one is unique and very attractive. I always feel special when I put this one on. There are a variety of hot drinks to choose from that are offered to the client once seated.

I marvel at how on-time my appointments run. After all, if one client is late, it can be like a domino effect making other appointments run late. I have never been kept waiting. Elizabeth is always punctual and always pleasant. I like that she sits you down prior to getting shampooed, to go over your hair and discussing what needs to be done. Everyone is very professional. I like that I can pre-book my appointments 6 months out. The shampoo chairs are the most comfortable I have experienced, especially on my neck. The shampoo is pleasant with a nice head massage. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Tracy S.

I have been a customer of L Salon for the last 23 years. I have had amazing haircuts over the years by three different hair designers–Mayumi, Stephanie and now Elizabeth. Both Mayumi and Stephanie left L Salon and so I decided to try the best in the salon, Elizabeth Stenstrom. I remember going to Mayumi and Stephanie and watching Elizabeth work her magic on her clients and wondered what it would be like to have her cut my hair.

When I first asked about how much Elizabeth charged and was told the price it really was too much for me to pay, but I was willing to give her a try to experience the kind of magic she does when cutting your hair. She takes the time to listen to what you are looking for and will then offer her suggestion. I would not trust anyone else cutting my hair and the compliments that I receive after every haircut just confirms how great she is.

To anyone out there who is not completely happy with their hair designer, give Elizabeth a try and you won't be sorry. Elizabeth, thank you for giving me amazing haircuts every time I see you. Please don't ever retire. :)

Laurie U., San Mateo

To Miss Elizabeth of L-Salon,

I LOVE L-SALON!! I have been coming here for years (it has always been my little secret).

I have always been happy with my haircut and I keep getting happier!! Some days I go in feeling like a "frump," but leave feeling like I am ready to be in a "Pantene" hair commercial. "Don't hate me!" :)

The employees all look like models that have walked out of a fashion magazine—attractive, professional, polite, kind...

As a retired public safety dispatcher, I know how important a person's first point of contact is and recognize that the call takers/reception personnel at L-Salon "give good phone." :) They are amazing!! Polite, patient, friendly...the list goes on.

Because I am retired, I prefer to save some $$ and be a customer to the "haircutting classes." The haircutting classes take a bit more time than a regular haircut because Miss Elizabeth—the king, lord, God instructor—takes time to review, teach and refine the skills of every student to make them the best.

Who knew there was so much physics that goes into creating a wonderful haircut? I learn some great styling tips listening to her instruction.

All of the students have already completed cosmetology school and are getting their skills fine-tuned and perfected with their training at L-Salon.

Karen G.

I recommend L Salon to all my friends and family! I'm a loyal client of Veggy for color and Elizabeth for my haircuts. L Salon offers amazing color, cuts, customer service, and only the highest quality products. Everything is a ten from the Front Desk to the Stylist.


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